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About our Stocks/ Shares analyst Introduction

I am thrilled to be  and a part of this community.

I am an equity trader with a focus on high momentum day trades and high performance swing trades. With 7+ years of trading experience and a deep passion for the markets, technical analysis, and a commitment to excellence, I approach each trade with a clear strategy in mind.

My trading style is a combination of confirmation/breakouts, price action, pivot, and pattern trading strategies, designed to maximize profits while minimizing risk. I am selective in my trades and adhere to a strict 1% risk management rule, always having a well-defined plan with clear entry points, multiple take profit levels, and a stop loss.

High momentum day trades,
I focus on stocks exhibiting unusual volume, high relative strength, and bullish momentum. My expertise in price action, trend reading, charting, and pivot analysis allows me to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

High performance swing trades
I focus on current market leaders with accelerating EPS and sales, unusual volume, and clear potential for breakouts. This creates excellent opportunities for us to take advantage of.

I am constantly learning and researching new strategies, and I review all of my trades, including the losing ones, to continuously improve my approach.

As we navigate the world of trading, let's focus on growth and learning together.

I am always happy to help, coach, and educate others.

1% RULE:




Trade Alert Format:

DAY TRADE IDEA (Look to sell by market close)

$APLM: This is the ticker 

Entry: $26(break)- Take trade when the candle closes above the entry given of 26. Use 5 min chart. For even more accuracy, use the 15 min chart. 

Take profit: 27/28/29/30+- These are your targets for take profit. 

Stop loss: 22- Close this positon at a loss if the candle closes below the stop loss price given on a 5 min chart or 15 min chart. 






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